Productions program for sweets

Production programm for sweets
acid dissolving line
ascending conveyor to the multiple head scale (multipond)
ascending conveyor with distribution flap
ascending conveyors after Mogul
batch tanks with agitator
conveyor for visual inspection
discharge conveyor after sugaring coating drum
discharge conveyor after the drum
drysteam heating system for steam table
exhaust systems for steam tables including piping
foam Dosing stations
gelatine dessolving line
gravimetric dosing and mixing line for clear gummi mass (4/6/8 Tanks) with weighing system
kitchen Equipment (Tanks, Piping works with distribution systems etc.)
metal detector with conveyor
mixing drum for sugar/acid composite
oiling drum including membrane dosing pump
packing machine with weighing system for buckets and other packages to demand
pectin/starch dissolving line
pilot plant for the labor
pipe distribution systems
platforms, Working podest, with Stairs and needed equipment (washbassin, working tables etc.)
programming and installation (Siemens S7)
rework tanks
small oiling and sugar coating drum for the labor
small steam conveyor for the labor
steam tables with optional full automatic control
sugar coating drum with heating for sugar drying
sugar dust exhaust stystems with automatic selfcleaning
sugar supply systems (Vacuum type) for sugar acid mixture
supply tank for glucose
transfer conveyors
vibration feeders
water lubrication stations for pumps
yoghurt dissolving line
yoghurt mass mixing unite