New Machines in our production program:


Two_Vegetables_128 (1)Fruit an vegetable processing

  • Fruit weighing and dosing system for buckets
  • Cutting machines for horse reddish
  • Cucumber grading machine for up to 5 to with 98% accuracy
  • Pasteurizer with energy saving solution
  • Special washing drum for potatoes
  • Infrared drying system for cutted fruits
  • Drying machine with air knives and hot air system

Ham_Leg_128 (1)Meat processing

  • Continuously boiling tunnel with energy saving solution
  • Pasteurizer with energy saving solution
  • Spreading conveyor for to feed the pasteurizer or boiling tunnels
  • Drying machine with air knives and hot air system

Candy processing

  • Color flavor acid dosing station with weighing system
  • Steam conveyor with special features like full automatic steaming to receipts
  • Sugar drum with latest innovations like hygienic design and special exhaust and warm air supply
  • Oiling drum now with different type of pump solution to have no cross contamination of the oil
  • Gelatine solution line with special blackmer pump system (Tunkey solution) and special agitator for best processing of the product
  • Batch cooker Type SK500
  • Laboratory equipment: pilot plant with new pressure door. Small steam conveyor
  • Vibration funnel with low noise and best spreading of product
  • Prototypes for different new products