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The Great Uncle „Luther“ of Hans ten Brink was working as a coppersmith in Nürnberg before World War 2 began. He was famous for all the copper craft specially for Churches. He made weather flags and for rich persons handmade kitchen utilities full out of copper. Most of these articles are now in museums in Germany.

1947Founding of first TEN BRINK Company by Mr. Hans ten Brink and his uncle Luther in Nürnberg. Hans ten Brink learned from his uncle the traditional craft and the company grows.

1972The son of Hans ten Brink Mr. Hannes ten Brink joined also the family business after he received the certificate as Master of Coppersmith in Munich.

With the new materials (Aluminium and Stainless Steel) soon TEN BRINK began to built not only kitchen utilities, also small machines for kraut processing and meat preperation as well for the candy industry.

The Company TEN BRINK GREECE was built in the heart of Greece where the apricots, olives, cherrys and peaches grow in big volume.

Mr. Sascha ten Brink, one of the two sons of Hannes ten Brink, joined the family business and founded in 2005 the new company ten Brink Engineering & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG.

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   Know How since 60 years

   TÜV Süd certified welders

   Quality made in Germany

   Innovative, expanding company

   10 years experience of ten Brink Engineering & Consulting

   Service on firsthand

   Custum built machines