Production program for meat

Production program for meat
air jet can/jar/bottle cleaners optional together with hot air systems
batch boilers
boiler spirals
bottle paseurizier
box-type washers
can washers
cleaning belts
continiuous coolers
continiuous pasteurizers
conveying systems (conveyor belts, conveyor spirals, elevators)
cooler belts
cooling troughs
desalting tanks
discharge elevators
distributing plants
distributing systems
dosage pump systems
dosing with weighing systems
drainer systems
dripping worms
duplex-type meat-salad mixers
exhaust hoods
feeding hoods
feeding hoppers
glass discharge systems
glass fedding tables
lifting devices
palletizing systems
pipeing works
pressure vessels
steam spirals
storage containers
transport wagons
vibrator tables
washing belts
washing machines
waste belts
work tables